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Egyptian student beaten to death by gang of 10 women in the UK

An 18-year-old Egyptian student was allegedly  attacked by a gang of 10 women on a bus in Nottingham, United Kingdom.
Mariam Moustafa, 18, was left in a coma after a street assault at about 8pm on February 20 and died from her injuries almost a month later on Wednesday.18 year old Egyptian student beaten to death by gang of 10 women lailasnews 4

The teenager was allegedly punched several times during a confrontation with a group of women in Parliament Street, Nottingham, Metronews reports.
She was then transferred to Nottingham City Hospital but died on Wednesday. The teenager got on a bus at the scene near the Victoria Centre shopping precinct but was followed by the same group, who it is claimed were then threatening and abusive towards her.
Speaking from Cairo, Egypt, her uncle said:
‘Two of the girls had actually attacked Mariam and Malak four months ago and broke Malak’s leg. ‘Their parents went to the police who just filed the complaint and that was all – that was a warning, they should’ve acted.
‘The second time she was walking down the street when these girls shouted at her, they called her ‘black rose’ and Mariam said that wasn’t her name.
‘They started to beat her, kicking and punching her all over, she ran away but they chased after her. She didn’t even know these girls. ‘Mariam got a bus and ran on, and told the bus driver to not let them on because they were beating her but he said he couldn’t do that.
‘They chased her to the top floor and continued to beat her, a man tried to stop them buy standing the middle of them. ‘But they continued to batter her until she lost consciousness that is when the bus driver acted, he called an ambulance for her. ‘I don’t understand why he didn’t help her from the start and why just one person stepped in to intervene.
Its disgraceful really. ‘It was around 9pm when she was taken to the hospital and was checked over but at 2am they said she could go. ‘Mariam said she didn’t want to, she said she didn’t feel well and was still in pain – but she eventually agreed and they went home.
‘The next day her sister Malak tried to wake her in the morning at 7am but saw that her body had turned blue with the bruises. ‘Malak called an ambulance straight away and she was taken to hospital and put in a coma for 12 days. ‘We are angry that the hospital discharged her in the first place and weren’t able to spot she had a bleed on the brain.

Metro UK
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